When planning a wedding or private party, hours are spent putting the details together as to when certain events will happen, and who is involved. Your event can be well planned out in advance, but the one item that cannot be planned is how your guests will react to the music you have selected.

When considering who you hire to present your music, and be your entertainer, there are a few factors to consider: Do they have the personality you want to represent you at your event? Will they keep your event running smoothly? Do they have the music available that fits the party? Do they have the right equipment to fit the needs of your event? These are all good questions, but the most important question is do they have the experience to adjust to the atmosphere of your wedding or party, and tailor the music to what will get your guests out of their chairs an onto the dance floor.

Cutting Edge Mobile Music has the answers to all those questions and more. With Christopher Monroe as your entertainer, you will have his outgoing personality to represent you; his ability to keep your event on track by working with all your vendors so they all work as a team; his music library which ranges from the 1940s up to the cutting edge of tomorrow's hits; and his completely digital cutting edge sound system. What is most important you will have his experience at over 1,500 events to draw from at your event.

When choosing an entertainer for your special event, make sure you make the right choice for the right reason. Chris has a long history of satisfied clients for a reason. He knows that a satisfied customer is the best way to market himself. He relies completely on referrals for his new clients.