Listed below are a few of the most frequently asked questions that have been asked of Chris. If you have any questions that are not covered here, please feel free to ask.

Q: Who will be my Disc Jockey? Q: Should we include you in our count for lunch/dinner?

A: Cutting Edge has only one DJ--Chris Monroe. Since he is the owner, you will get the extra effort that you can't get with an employee from another company.

A: Although it is not required, a meal would be appreciated. Chris puts in close to eight hours to do a four hour reception, which is a long time between meals.

Q: Can I meet with Chris, before making my decision?

Q: Do you have lighting available?
A: Yes. You will feel much more confident about your decision if you meet your entertainer face to face. A: Yes, but Chris does not recommend it at a wedding reception. It can draw attention away from where it should be, the Bride and Groom.

Q: Do you charge for travel or set-up?

Q: Do you have backup equipment?
A: There is no charge for either except in extreme circumstances, i.e.: no elevator access to an upstairs event, or an event that requires extensive travel. A: Yes, each of the major components have back-up capabilities built into the sound system.

Q: If my reception runs later, can you stay longer?

Q: If something happened to my D.J., who would do my wedding?
A: Chris love’s a good party, and would be happy to stay. But, If you are having an afternoon event, Chris suggests that you schedule enough time when you sign our contract. He may have an evening event scheduled, and we would hate to end your event prematurely. A: It would take something very debilitating to keep Chris from entertaining at your wedding. In the event this should happen, he has qualified personnel who could be called in as back-ups.

Q: When will you arrive on my wedding day?

Q: If I want a song that you do not have, can I loan you my copy?
A: Chris arrives approximately one hour prior to his scheduled starting time. Please let him know if you need him to set up any earlier. A: Yes, Chris can play your compact disc or your mp3 file. But, if your song is on a record or cassette, he would need it at least a week in advance to record it for play.

Q: Do you take breaks?

Q: What types of music can you play?
A: No! You will have continuous music from the scheduled to start time until it's time to end. A: Whatever you want Chris to play. The only exclusions are songs with profanity in them.

Q: Can you play my ceremony music?

Q: Can I make a list of songs I want played?
A: Chris has a separate sound systems just for ceremony music. If your ceremony is in a remote area where there is no electricity available, his ceremony system can have it's own power source. A: Yes! Requests are encouraged. Chris does not recommend you format the music ahead of time; there is no way to know what direction a party will take.

Q: We have never planned a wedding before. Will you help us set an itinerary for the day?

Q: What payment types do you accept?
A: One month before your wedding, you will get together with Chris for a consultation; he will work out the details regarding the order of events and music program. A: Chris accepts checks and cash. If you wish to pay with your credit card, you can do so through PayPal. Please call or email for details.