People make decisions on what they see, and then make judgments on those perceptions. You have probably heard catch phrases like, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” or,”Perception is not always reality.” As cliché as these sayings have become, they are very true. Chris is extremely conscience of the fact that in a group situation like a party or a wedding, his appearance, actions, and mannerisms are being observed by one, many, and sometimes all of your guests.

When guests walk into a party, whether they do it consciously or not, they size up the surroundings to see how things are set-up. In example, party goers will check to see if there is a meal provided, and whether it is a sit-down or a buffet; whether there is a bar, and what, if anything, is hosted; how are the tables set-up, and where they will sit; and of course, what kind of entertainment is provided.

If the entertainment is not in place when they walk in the room, even if they have a contract that says they should be starting later in the event, the perception is that they are late. With this in mind, Chris always has his equipment set-up before the first guest walks into the room.

Your entertainer’s attire has a lot to do with a perception of quality. Chris wears a tuxedo as standard attire unless the event calls for something different. In the past, Chris has dressed in many different types of attire based on customer requests; Hawaiian, shorts, swimming trunks, and various other themed attire.

When Chris designed his sound system, appearances were a major consideration. He uses a compact podium which encloses all of his equipment which blends in to almost any environment. The only wires exposed are speaker wires and a power cord. Since the system is free-standing, you do not need to make arrangements for a table; the only necessary item is a power source with 15 amps available. No signs or banners are displayed, and no advertising announcements are made.